Preschool Field Trips

preschoolWarner Nature Center is an ideal location for curious preschoolers to discover the world around them. Bring your students to Warner to learn about the natural world through hands-on, unique activities, and fun outdoors.

Preschool group (ratio of 1:8, adult: preschooler) $6/child (minimum $72)
Adult/child group (more than 1 adult per 8 kids) $7/child (minimum $84)

Programs are generally 1.5 hours in length.

Email or call to schedule your preschool's visit to Warner Nature Center! Programs are offered year-round, and scheduled individually. Please contact Krista at [email protected] or (651) 433-2427 ext. 13.

All programs include an outdoor portion; please come dressed for the weather.

Animal Detectives (All Seasons)
Find out what signs animals leave in nature, and how to decode them. Students engage in hands-on activity stations, watch a puppet show, then hike on our trails as animal detectives

Squirreling Around (Fall)
Investigate the lives of squirrels in fall by doing hands-on activity stations, then scamper around like squirrels outside on a fall hike.

Backyard Birds (All Seasons)
Learn what common backyard birds look and sound like through hands-on activity stations, followed by an exploration hike outside.

Senses (All Seasons)
We experience nature best when we use our senses! Learn about our five senses, and put them to the test by smelling, touching, seeing, and hearing things during activity stations and a senses hike outside.

Digging in the Dirt (Spring, Summer, Fall)
Explore the forest by taking a closer look at what is underneath our feet! Preschoolers will play in the woods while doing different activities along the trail.

Owls (All Seasons)
Discover all things owl through activity stations and outdoor exploration. Learn about Minnesota owls and their special adaptations. Wrap up by meeting one of Warner's resident owls!

Reptiles All Around (Spring, Summer, Fall)
Curious about these cold-blooded friends? Find out more about reptiles of Minnesota through activity stations, a hike outside, and meeting a turtle that lives at Warner!