Short-nosed Gar

short-nosed gar(Lepisosteus platostomus)

Where are short-nosed gar found?
Short-nosed gar can be found in lakes, rivers and streams. They prefer calm water and are commonly found near vegetation and submerged logs.

When do short-nosed gar breed?
Short-nosed gar breed or spawn in April and May in shallow water among aquatic vegetation. The eggs are large, green, and poisonous to birds and mammals, including humans.

What does a short-nosed gar eat?
Short-nosed gar are efficient ambush predators. They are opportunistic and will eat almost anything they can hunt. Even so, short –nosed gar consume more invertebrates than any other species of gar. Adult short-nosed gar have no known predators.

Do people fish short-nosed gar?
Short-nosed gar are considered a nuisance by many fisherman as they compete for food with popular game fish. They are not typically fished for sport.

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